My Heritage 30. Aug 16

Our logo

The logo design is representative of the outstanding universal values of Chiang Mai City, expressed through simple geometric shapes and symbolic colours. The meaning behind each shape and colour is described as follows;

Golden Brown Triangle:

The triangle shape symbolizes Wat Phra That Doi Suthep (Doi Suthep Temple), located in Doi Suthep – Pui National Park. Doi Suthep is known, and protected, as a sacred mountain by local people. The faith of Doi Suthep can be expressed as a golden brown colour.         

Brown Square:

         The square outline represents the shape and form of the fortified Chiang Mai historical city, while brown represents the relationship between Doi Suthep and the old city.

Grey Circle:

         The gray circles symbolize the flourishing cultural heritage of communities both inside and outside of the Chiang Mai old city area.

Sky-blue Curve:

         The sky-blue curve is representative of the Ping River on the Westside of Chiang Mai old city. The river has nourished local people and protected the city from floods through irrigation management since the times of their ancestors.