Chiang Mai World Heritage Initiative

About Chiangmai World Heritage Initiative

Chiang Mai has been identified as Tentative List by UNESCO since June 2015. Since then, Chiang Mai Provincial Administrative Organization assigned Chiang Mai University with conduction of study, research, data collection, and documentation for the Nomination Dossier of Chiang Mai, to be presented to UNESCO.

Chiang Mai is recognized as the “capital city” of cultural heritage in the northern region of Thailand, reflecting Outstanding Universal Values (OUV), including:

1. Chiang Mai is a testimony to cities constructed under the Three Kings Alliance, formed in order to establish political strength against the Mongol power. 

2. Chiang Mai City reflects the superlative development of Tai-Dai culture within the valley.

3. Chiang Mai is a growing city but still inseparable from its distinctive cultural heritage, kept alive by inheritance of town planning, folk life culture, natural protection, local beliefs and rituals.

At the present stage, Chiang Mai Provincial Administrative Organization has directed the development process for the Action Plan for Conservation and Development of Historical and Cultural Areas of Chiang Mai.

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